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Award winning Venezuelan single-estate rum brand making bold choices for over 225 years to create extraordinary results. We are pioneers in using the traditional solera method that ensures that each bottle of Santa Teresa® 1796 contains part of our 35 year old mother rum. The exceptionally crafted process makes it an authentic, dry, smooth and balanced rum evolving in every sip. Everything about it, from the special pot still rum, to the Solera method, to the bottling system, and the hand applied wax seal makes every bottle a unique and exclusive piece.

Treat your dad to our RICH, REFINED rum with and UNEXPECTEDLY DRY finish and make your gift more special by PERSONALIZING THE LABEL FOR FREE!

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  • APPEARANCE: Amber red and rich of thick tears.
  • NOSE: Fruity aroma with notes of wood product of long aging in oak barrels.
  • PALATE: A unique taste of nuts, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, prunes, hints of honey and hints of pepper.
  • FINISH: Rich, refined, with an unexpectedly dry taste that evolves in every sip.


Santa Teresa is a Venezuelan, family-owned rum distillery built on over 200 years of tradition, refining and improving the techniques of rum making. Founded in 1796 and located in the mountainous Aragua valley; a state with the ideal temperature conditions for aging rums, ranging from humid heat during the day to dry cold at night, facilitating the chemical, yet seemingly magical, exchange between wood and alcohol. Honouring the traditions and artisanal new methods, turning Santa Teresa into Venezuela’s leading rum producer, a position maintained to this day. We have been developing, refining and passing along those very special skills for generations. In the most challenging circumstances, Santa Teresa has been transforming adversity to opportunity in Venezuela.

Santa Teresa has become a source of inspiration. Project Alcatraz is a program that recruits criminal gangs, rehabilitates then and reinserts them into society. Also, promotes rugby games into the hacienda where the values of respect, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and humility are taught as keys to success in life.

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